This application enables collecting reviews and comments from RIS3 beneficiaries (end users) regarding the RIS3 and its implementation. This will help policy-makers understand how well-suited the strategy and the related activities were to the RIS3 beneficiaries (firms, research institutes, universities, public sector and civil society organisations).

The RIS3 beneficiaries should represent diverse stakeholders, both large and small. Most importantly, it’s necessary to cover stakeholders who haven’t participated in the RIS3 development process. This enables the evaluation of RIS3 end user awareness and the actual impact of RIS3 strategy in the region. Furthermore, the application allows analysing end-user satisfaction. The application may be used to define target satisfaction values of satisfaction in addition to baseline values. Finally, the application enables collecting improvement suggestions from end users.

It’s crucial to gather this kind of end user survey data periodically to support the constant development of the policies. Ideally, the survey should be sent out 2-3 years after the development of the RIS3. This will support and guide the RIS3 implementation efforts and yield useful information regarding future RIS3 endeavours. Potentially, if the regions use the survey template of this application, the surveys could be used to generate benchmarking data across regions as well.

This application includes a ready survey template, which can save policy-makers from the effort of coming up with entirely own questions. Read the Guide section for a step-by-step description of how to use this application. In addition, we provide an example survey for pilot testing purposes.